World of Tanks Miniatures Game - Expansion Pack M26 Pershing

World of Tanks Miniatures Game - Expansion Pack M26 Pershing

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The M26 Pershing is remembered for being a Panther killer and as a Medium Tank it is all about offence, re-rolling a blank attack dice. Combine that with firepower 6 and the M26 doesn’t really need much in the way of upgrades. What are we saying, it was built for Smooth Ride (which allows you to reduce the penalty of moving when firing) and aggressive players that want to get the most out of this tank should look no further than commander Edward Crane who will grant you additional initiative in the movement phase for every two crew on the tank with his Mentor skill AND if you are feeling confident, gives you the opportunity to roll one less attack dice to modify a hit to a critical thanks to Eagle Eye.

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